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Location: Bldg. 303

HOURS OF OPERATION: 24 Hrs-7 Days a week

Hotel Frontera facilitates 50 Visiting Quarters (VQ), 10 Visiting Airmen Quarters (VAQ), 4 Distinguished Visitors Quarters (DVQ), and 4 Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF) 2 of which are pet friendly.

Member’s in PCS/TLA status: If lodging does not have room availability on base members are provided a non-availability (N/A) letter from lodging. Having a pet does not qualify as a reason for obtaining a NA letter. Once a NA letter has been issued the member may make their own arrangements for CQs. If requested lodging will assist in obtaining commercial quarters for you.

Please note: Contact the Housing Management Office to obtain the proper TLA reimbursement procedure.

Calls from the United States
Commercial: 011-34-95 584-8098
Fax: 011-34-955848009

Calls from Europe
Commercial: 000-34-95 584-8098
Fax: 00 34-955848009
Lodging Manager : 011-34-955848172