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El Escondite Bar and Restaurant

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 1100-2300
Friday 1100-0100
Saturday 1600-0100
Sunday 1600-2300

You can call and pre-order food for for pick-up at: 722-8339

We also offer a catering option. Great for parties, formal dinners, or just a night off from cooking. Of course, we are happy to support any catering event you have planned outside of this schedule.

Club Andaluz

Club Andaluz offers a large area for indoor Base events like Commander's Calls, promotion ceremonies, MWR events and shows, catered banquet events and much more. For reservations e-mail Force Support at

Force Support Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 0830-1730

Contact Information:
Sunstainment NCOIC: DSN:314-722-8403/ Comm: (+34)955-848-403
Community Services NCOIC: DSN: 314-722-8421/ Comm: (+34)955-848-421
Force Support Flight Chief: DSN: 314-722-8624/ Comm: (+34)955-848-624